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How do I know if I really want to leave the classroom?   |  How have other teachers successfully changed careers?  |   What other types of jobs do I apply to?  |   Where do I find the best jobs?   |   Can I find a job that pays the same or more than I make now?  |   Am I qualified to do other jobs?  |   What is my dream job?   |   What happens to my retirement plan?   |   How would a career change affect my finances?   |   How do I update my resume?   |   Should I write my own resume?   |   Do I hire a resume writer?   |   Where do I find the best resume writer?   |   What skills do I use as an educator that are transferrable?   |   Do I need a job coach?   |   How do I find the best job coach?   |   Do I need to take courses or get another degree?   |   How do I prepare for a corporate interview?   |   How do I network?   |   How do I use LinkedIn?

If you have even one of the questions above, the OOTC Digital Resource Library is for you.

What is the OOTC Digital Resource Library?

Our library is a curated, organized list and directory of the best proven successful resources for a transitioning educator. 

With over 200 resources featured on our site, you can compare and determine the best fit resources and services specifically for your needs and budget.

Resources include a variety of FREE and other price points depending on your need. Compare and access articles, books recommendations, podcasts, quizzes, videos, recommendations for the best job coaches and resume writers, resume templates, program connections and so much more!

When purchasing our Digital Library you will have LIFETIME access to:

  • Our growing directory of resources!
  • Over $5,000 in EXCLUSIVE savings when purchasing services or products directly through our website!
  • Weekly curated Job Alerts featuring active job postings geared towards transitioning teachers!

.*Take a peek at the categories below to see how our library is organized!*

Taking the Big Leap 

Are you considering leaving the classroom? This can be a tough decision for so many reasons! Here are a few of the best resources to help you in that decision!


Job Coaches

A job coach can walk you through the entire process of your career change. For educators who have not been through this process in quite some time and may be overwhelmed, these resources may be for you. 

Resume and Cover Letters

Resumes may be one of the most important parts in the job search process. This may be something you have not updated in quite some time and these resources are here to help.

Career Clarity

Career Clarity is an essential part of your job search process, allowing you to have a CLEAR direction of where you are heading. By having clarity, you will identify your ultimate goal which will streamline and can often shorten your job search time! Check out these resources when starting your career change.

Teacher Pivot Courses

Are you unsure where to even start or how you can even do this? This section may be for you! These are very specific programs and classes for transitioning teachers that will guide you through the process.

LinkedIn A to Z

LinkedIn may be an incredibly foreign place for educators! Many educators have never used it and may not even realize the incredible value it brings to careers out of the class. LinkedIn is where you want to be as 98% of Fortune 500 companies are here to connect! Your profile will build you credibility and allow you to network directly with the decision makers.


Upskilling may be a new term for many coming out of the class, but it is simply adding knowledge, skills and competencies in order to help you advance or change careers. This can be achieved through workshops, webinars, certifications, courses and more. Have a plan in place so your upskilling is focused on your goals.


You have made it to an interview- Congratulations! This means your resume, networking, LinkedIn and job searching is working! Now, you need to nail that interview. Interviews give you the chance to be confident, show a positive attitude, and determine how well your soft and hard skills align to the position. Practice, Practice, Practice and be prepared with these great resources!

Know Your Finances

As educators, do you truly understand your finances? Do you know what to do with your pension or any investments you may currently have? Do you have any investments? What happens when you leave your current job? There are so many questions when it comes to finances. For some of us, this is a whole new area of our lives that needs to be considered and understood better.

Job Search

Are you ready to find your dream job? Make sure you have clarity, a killer resume, an optimized LinkedIn profile and upskilled in any area that will benefit you. Use these resources to find your Dream Job!

Who to Follow

There are many voices and influences in social media who can help you along your way in your teacher pivot. Many offer advice and tips, so keep a pen, paper or an empty document ready while you are scrolling!

Teacher Wellness

As educators we often put our students first. However, in order to run an effective classroom and avoid teacher burnout, we need to put our wellness first. These resources provide wellness and mental health support to alleviate teacher burnout. 

I was someone who only knew that I needed to get out of the classroom but had no idea where to start. Out of the Class was just the thing I needed to energize my career transition. I was able to identify the areas I especially needed help with through their vast collection of resources. Out of the Class is incredibly helpful to work with; they recommended my career coach and it has made a world of difference. I approach transitioning not with fear but with an excitement about what is to come! 

Meg P.

We value an educator's time.


No need to spend hours researching... we did over 100 hours of research to find the best resources, so you didn't have to!


With over 200 of the BEST resources, you can compare and determine the best fit resources and services for you.

When purchasing our Digital Resource Library you will have LIFETIME access to over $5,000 in EXCLUSIVE savings when purchasing services or products directly through our website!



After purchasing our digital resource, you will have access to the best tools and websites to optimize your job search. We will also send you a WEEKLY email with a curated list of the best active jobs!

Our  curated Job Alerts always:

  • Offer salaries over $55k
  • Are remote positions
  • Transfer an educators experience with little to no upskilling




Out Of the Class offers webinars hosted by experts and our direct service partners which are packed with information and tips to help with your next opportunities out of the class.

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1:1 Personal Consultation

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We will discuss your career change from the classroom, identify your current needs and provide recommendations on your next steps utilizing the best resources just for you.

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As transitioning teachers, Out Of the Class is a lifesaver.  Navigating the job search process that is COMPLETELY different than the education world can be very overwhelming.  Nikki and Kat have done their research and provided invaluable resources.  I am so excited this space exists to help us transition into new careers!  Nikki is most responsive to questions, very timely and has encouraged, refocused and celebrated with me.  Can't thank OOTC enough!

Melissa F.

Who are we?

Nikki Bromley & Kat Lampros

We are educators!

Many of our colleagues are seeking opportunities outside of a traditional classroom and although there are many resources, it takes hours of research to find the best.

With our combined experience of over 20+ years in a classroom, and our skills in marketing, HR, EdTech, and Digital Design we created a platform to bring you the very BEST resources!

Welcome to Out Of the Class!

I keep coming back to our conversation and appreciating your kindness. Out Of the Class really helped me gain perspective and find renewed passion for a future job.

Leah N.

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